Feel free to use these materials to help improve your playing.

Daily warm-up

The concept with daily routine is that you ensure you touch on the important aspects of playing each day whilst ensuring that you don’t fall into the bad habit of relying on muscle memory or getting bored by doing the exact same thing every day.  Choose at least one exercise from each section (1,2…), put on a tuner and metronome and have fun!

Slide Precision Exercises

When doing these exercises use a tuner and always be aware of your body.  Don’t allow your body position to be influenced by the changing of the slide.

Tone/Consistency Exercise 

Choose a few lines of this exercise to do each day.  If you chip or miss any of the bars go back and do it until you can do it 3 times in a row perfectly.

Trombone Triangle

The trombone triangle is a concept first introduced to me by musician extraordinaire Maestro Alain Trudel.  As he described the triangle itself represents the volume of air (high register = less air, low register = more air), the swirls represent the aperture of a brass embouchure (smaller aperture = higher, lower aperture = lower), and lastly the TH’s and D’s represent the tongues position in the mouth relative to the range being played (low range = forward, high range = deeper in the oral cavity).  His concept was that you must have these three elements correctly aligned to play a well centered beautiful note.